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          In connection with high purity demand, strict corrosion-resistance quality of fluoropolymers from semi-conductor industry

          Transerfer Protable Tank Lorry For EL-Grade

          Transerfer  Protable Tank Lorry For EL-Grade Transerfer  Protable Tank Lorry For EL-Grade
          Container Size:
          L/mm H/mm W/mm L/Ft. H/Ft. W/Ft. Available capacity X1,000 liters
          6058 2591 2438 20 81/2 8 13~14.5,16.8~22
          6058 2438 2438 20 8 8 10.5~13
          2991 2438 2438 10 8 8 6.0~7.0
          1.Liquid Line valve ?ball valve ?dia. Valve
          2.N2 line valve ?ball valve ?dia. Valve
          3.Dip tube ?
          4. Relief valve ?
          5.Thermometer ?
          6.Pressure gauge ?
          7.Hose box ?top ?side
          8.N2 Flush liquid line hose ?
          9. Liquid line hose ?
          10. Liquid Quick connector
          Size: ?1 ?1 1/2 ?2
          Material: ?SUS316 ?PCTFE ?PTFE
          Type: ?Socket ?Plug with FL'G  
          11.N2 Quick Connector
          Size: ?1/2 ?3/4 ?1
          Material: ?SUS316 ?PCTFE ?PTFE
          Type: ?Socket ?Plug with FL'G  
          Transerfer  Protable Tank Lorry For EL-Grade

          EVERSUPP Portable TANK Accessories

          Man Hole Cover
          • Pressure Relief Valve:2-1/2”Fort type Set pressure at @20° C atm (+)4.4bar Elfab rupture disc
          • Bursting Disc : 2-1/2” Burst Pressure at @20° C atm (+)4.84bar
          • Pressure Gauge for Pressure Relief Device : 2-1/2”,Range from 0 to 100psi
          Transerfer  Protable Tank Lorry For EL-Grade

          Liquid and Gas Horse
          • 40A/20A eversupp chemical Hose Rubber covered smooth bore teflon hose
          • High purity Teflon tube
          • Can be cleaned with steam Non-stick smooth tube Easy to clean assured sterility Caustics , solvents or other cleaning agents
          • Full vacuum rated
          • Smooth tube design
          • Temperature Rating : -40°C to 180°C
          • F.D.A (Food uucl Drug Administration)
           Liquid and Gas Horse
           Liquid and Gas Horse

          Valve / Fitting
          • Ball valve / Diaphragm valve
          • Ball valve : SUS304 lined with PFA
          • Fitting : SUS304 / 316 lined with PFA
          Dipping Pipe
          • Liquid lnlet : 40A SUS304 inner / external lined Teflon
          • Large easily legible display
          • High data security
          • Measurement data memory for 1millid measurement valves
          • Up to 3 year’s battery life
          • Date transfer via USB cable or SD card
          Transerfer  Protable Tank Lorry For EL-Grade