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          In connection with high purity demand, strict corrosion-resistance quality of fluoropolymers from semi-conductor industry
          EVERSUPP TECHNOLOGY CORP-Company Profile
          ITS have been dedicated to the manufacture of ISO Tank and storage tank since our establishment and now became a major manufacturer of semiconductor-grade Teflon lining field. The factory has the youngest engineers with professional performance and experience in decades and we earned more than 300 customers' trust.

          ITS have been approved for the design and manufacture of ISO TANK Teflon lining and other Teflon related products. In addition, we were recognized by the China Classification Society (CCS), the French Bureau Veritas (BV), the British Lloyd's Register (LR).

          Due to the advanced design concepts, excellent quality, preferential prices and considerate after-sales service, ITS become the preferred supplier of domestic and overseas markets. Our products are Teflon lining ISO Tank, Teflon lined tank, Teflon heat exchanger and Teflon filter.

          In Taiwan, we have customers TSMC, UMC, SPIL, ASE, Formosa Plastics Corporation, CSC, CCP, AUO and the applications of products are expand to Europe, the United States, India, Southeast Asia, Japan and Singapore.

          Our products meet the standards of semiconductor and could be used all over the world.

          We are holding the attitude to innovation and transcend every day. Therefore, we sincerely looking forward to development and establish the long and sustainable relationship with your esteemed